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Introducing the new digital nomads: the Ecotechnomads

Digital nomads, we all know the term. More and more people are exchanging their office lives for a life on the road. Laptop and smartphone in hand. Valuing freedom over possession. Having friends and family back home think all they do is sunbathing. And yes. Soaking up more sun is often an important reason to leave homebase.

Exotic locations and places of low cost living are popular places where these location independent professionals find their temporary homes. Enjoying different cultures, practicing outdoor sports and trying to spent as little time working as possible. 

And than there are the startup entrepreneurs. Eager as they are to build up their businesses fast, they spent most of their time behind screens and on the road to meet with potential investors and pitching their startup everywhere they can. In the last years I had the privilege to work with many inspiring startup entrepreneurs with awesome business ideas, and I have seen the unhealthy lifestyles that many of them have.

I also choose a life ‘on the road’. For over two years now I have been experiencing its amazingly inspiring upsides, and I have also seen its downsides.

The downsides, besides feeling lonely at times, are mostly connected to our human-nature connection and environmental impact.

Going from one place to another, we often take the plane. It’s so affordable and easy nowadays. Price alarms pop up in our inboxes, why not a weekend in Dubai? Even when willing to travel over land and taking the long hours traveling for what they are, trains and busses are often unfairly expensive.

By not having our own kitchen, it is more challenging to find a waste free food management system. We do not have our own vegetable garden for organic and plastic free vegetables. When going to a new place, it takes time to adapt to local recycling standards (especially if we have to initiate it to begin with), meaning that we make more general waste. 

I believe though, that we can use our willpower, entrepreneurial spirit and strong urge of nonconformism for the good here. Being advocates of change while we work our way around the globe! Not only trying to live in harmony with our natural surroundings ourselves, but also to actively inspire others to do the same. Fellow travelers, friends and family back home, our neighbors at our temporary homes. And very important, the businesses we are in or working for.

This is us. Ecotechnomads. Nice to meet you.


We don’t live in cities only. We work in nature too.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

We are always on the road. The world is our playground.


We use technology. Also, we are suckers for old stuff.


We love our planet and take good care of it. We leave no trace.


We are actively trying to ‘make the world a better place’. Offline and online.


We look for alternative transportation. Crossing our fingers for the solar plane.


We believe traveling to be about meaningful connections. Not counting countries.


We like to take good care of our bodies. They makes healthy minds.


We often dive in first. They like to call us early adopters.


We don’t do ramen noodles for months straight. We love colorful organic.

See you on the road to paradise!

(photos by Kantoor Karavaan and stock – until I have my own fancy camera 😉 )

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  1. You sound like the modern romantic. Have you considered a #zerowaste lifestyle on the road? Now that would be an interesting journey!

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