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Sun and Co – Jávea

The place

Sun and Co feels like a familie home filled with friends and work mates. Things flow naturally. An early bird? Jump out of bed and be the first one to work. Like to lay in till late? No problem either. Work is being done, but play doesn’t get forgotten. Kayaking, surfing, biking, hiking, skateboarding.. you name it and people are up for it. And Jávea is a great spot for all of those activities.

A warm community feeling in a home powered by renewable energy and group spirit.

100% of the energy comes from renewable sources. On top of that, the roof has solar panels to warm up the water. At the end of the year 3% of profits get donated to a good cause.


  • located in the pittoresk old town of Jávea, with good restaurants around the corner
  • mastermind sessions are a tradition here, co-creation problem solving sessions
  • there are places with wifi at the beach where you can work at the very sunny days
  • hosts Edu and Jon are super helpful and will hook you up with anything you need

What else

The history is of the house is as cool as the architecture of it is, which was the work of owner and architect Edu himself. The house belonged to his grandmother, and it’s where his dad grew up. After a year of renovations, the house is now home to the future generations.


Avenida Príncipe de Asturias 40, Jávea (or Xàbia) – edu@sun-and-co.com or jon@sun-and-co.com


Various work options around the house


Very comfortable dorm rooms

2016-04-05 19.44.42

Spontaneous group sessions


Edu and Jon, superhosts


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