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Join us on an epic rural coworking road trip!

Imagine. A bunch of digital nomads and startup folks on a road trip together through Spain. Working and living in different rural coliving spaces and abandoned villages. And not just indoors, cause we’ll be driving around our own mobile office by KantoorKaravaan.


And you can join! Either for the whole trip, or one of the stages.


We’ll be visiting some very special places. (Text by Pandorahub)

masia castello.jpg

Informal Rural Repopulation Encounter inrevived abandoned village


Masia Castelló is a small village that was abandoned since 20 years ago, when an Association decided to rebuild it and revive it with the support of the local government. Nowadays Castelló is nearly fully rebuilt and the Association is hosting cultural events every weekend year long. During our stay we will gather with other rural activists such as Saül founder at Reviure Solanell, Thomas connector at Ouishare Berlin, Matias founder at Repoblem and Xavi and the team at Masia Castelloand in order to explore the possibility to organize a rural repopulation conference on Spring 2017.


Coliving with nomads in the Marina Coast


This will be the longest stage, stopping in one of our favourite coliving Spaces in Spain in the town of Jávea. We will expend the time with our friends Jon and Edu and their nomad guests, hike to the surroundings, eat typical paella, cook all together, do informal skill sharing sessions, workshops and talks. We also plan to interview an archeologist that will explain us the history of this stunning rural settlement that also the Iberians inhabited.

During November 18th we will work from La Nau, a coworking space in the village nearby (Pedreguer), the office for more than 20 rural coworkers and for a startup incubator supporting local startups. November 18th in Lola Giardino (Nona Bruna) and our founder Diana Moret will facilitate a free Growth Hacking workshop on how to make your business grow without having a budget..


Experience community living in a 30 year old Eco Tech Village


On the way to Tarifa we will colive during 3 days with the community living in the Eco Tech village of Sunseed, located in the beautiful off-grid ecovillage of Los Molinos del Río Aguas in the mountain range of rural Almería. Sunseed is a hands-on practical centre for low-impact living and environmental education in Andalusia. Their community works and learns together to develop, demonstrate, research and communicatealternative ways of living more sustainably. During our stay in Sunseed we will visit other ecovillages nearby such as El Cortijo de Al Hamman, do discovery hikes is the stunning natural surroundings and volunteer in the needed tasks.  Workshops and talks on theChallenges & Opportunities of Life & Work in remote rural locations around the globe, learning how to simplify our lives and low impact living might also happen place during our stay.

molino del guadalmesí.jpg

Coliving in a Spanish epicentre for the Global Ecovillage Network


We will finally have the chance to visit Johnny, an holistic human-business masterresponsible for the European Eco Village Network in Spain, in the ecovillage of Molinos located in the midst of the Natural Parks of Alcorconales and Estrecho (12km from Tarifa). The place is a living vergel, built using bio-building techniques and permaculture, water streams flows everywhere and organic food is grown (even avocados naturally grow in Molino’s land!). Johnny is also founder at Startoco and mentor member of the European incubator for sustainable startups based on the dimensions of the Global Ecovillage Network. He will facilitate a workshop on How to make a business 360º sustainable under an holistic perspective, having into account all stakeholders and both the human, environmental and economical sustainability. We will spend 3 inspirational days in a visit mode, learning from the Molino community, volunteering in punctual tasks, discovering other rural alternative settlements nearby, having informal talks and workshops on Visual Thinking, Dynamic Governance, Quantum Computers and The Singularity, Dragon Dreaming or Conscious Economy. We will also make some space for connecting with the digital nomad community in Tarifa, mainly hosted by Johannes (Founder at the Nomad Cruise). We might even have the chance to practice kite surf.


Supporting local entrepreneurs and fixing rural population since 15 years ago


Alma Natura is a source of inspiration for any rural activist. They visionary enough to have been fixing population in rural areas since 15 years ago and to have became the very first B-Corporation in Spain. This social innovation rural hub was founded by a group of family and friends that decided to come back to their home village right after finishing their studies in the city University. A great success history on how to be self-sustainable in a rural area creating a local positive impact. Their main activity is “digitalizing” elderlies in villages and giving support to local entrepreneurs so that they can really make a living in the village. They have now become an strategic partner for big corporations and local governments. During our stay in the village of Arroyomolinos de León we will learn from their approach, explore synergies and potential common initiatives by Alma Natura & Pandorahub, interact with local startups such as Tomates Felices (Happy Tomatoes) and discovering natural and historical settlements around.

vilanueva de la vera (1).jpg

Visiting the rural mecca of the social economy in Extremadura


On the way back to Barcelona, we will spend 1 night and 1 day with the crew at La Nave Nodriza, a rural coworking multi space near Cáceres. Founded 1 year ago, they restored an abandoned warehouse founded by a crowdfunding campaign. There are coworkers who are artists, developers, T-shirt brands, beauty products. The village seems to have a special attraction for singular international characters involved in agro-ecology, sufism and spirituality from big cities around such as Madrid, Cáceres and Badajoz. La Nave is part of Arrejuntandonos (Getting Together), a local network of initiatives supporting the social economy in Extremadura Region. On the way to Villanueva from Arroyomolinos, we will also visit another project part of Arrejuntandonos, La Fábrika de Toda La Vida (An Usual Factory), a super pioneer rural multi space initiated 6 years ago by a group of young multidisciplinary activists who restored an abandoned factory by self-buidling also funded vía crowdfunding.


Visiting one of the pioneer rural coworking spaces in Spain


We are very excited to finish the road trip of the Autumn Safari in Monzón, a small town in Huesca. Crearium is an innovative coworking and multidisciplinary space with a clear focus on the maker community and the childhood (they are part of Pekefriendly and Mammaproof. It was founded by an entrepreneur who was born in the village and after travelling around the world, decided to start something meaningful for her hometown. We will spend the last night in this pioneer rural coworking and multi space founded 5 years ago where courses IoT and Arduino, Asian cooking workshops, wine tastery, Crearium Kids, Scratch and Arduino in family, Mini Makers, plastic arts exhibitions happen every month. We are very excited to finish our road trip in one of the very first rural coworking spaces in Spain.

So, you must be extremely excited by now. Already packing your bags?

Find out much more about the trip on the website of Pandorahub. And most important, how to become a part of this amazing journey!

Looking forward to seeing you on the road!



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