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Ecologic center Casita Verde – Ibiza

The place

Imagine a small oasis where ecologic living is stylish and comfortable, on a beautiful Spanish Island. That’s Casita Verde, Ibiza. Homes are made of natural and recycled materials, the toilets are compost, a ingenious grey water systems makes your shower water the plans, there’s food from the garden..

Your shower has a view over the fields. Watch your 1 minute shower water the plants in the garden in front of you.

People come and volunteer. For a small fee you can live, learn and enjoy. Work in the garden, cook, help build. You help out a few hours every day. After that, there’s plenty of time left to finish your online work in the cool bottle house office.


  • learn about eco living. How to live and enjoy life with a minimal footprint.
  • fun coliving friends. There’s Chris – the big B, el Cubanito – chef and head volunteers, Carlos – maintenance manager, Dorus – Bob the builder, and a changing group of other inspiring individuals. From ecologists, natural builders, permaculture teachers, farm and garden experts, web designers, translators, human resources & public relations specialists, artists, musicians and more.
  • join for a beach or road clean up. The team does them on a weekly basis.

What else

You can go visit! Every sunday Casita Verde is open for visitors. Come by and enjoy a lovely vegetarian lunch. On thursday evenings there is vegetarian paella and dancing night.

Soon there’s another Casita Verde opening. In Granada!


Off the beaten track! GPS Coordinates are: 38.938062, 1.353323 – +34 971 187 353


The media room/your office in the bottle house


Your office view from the bottle house at the patio.


Team members of Casita Verde regularly do beach clean ups. (El Cubanito and Carlos)


Normally between 5-10 people live at Casita Verde. On sundays there are sometimes up to 100 people visiting and joining for lunch.


Cheers! Have a tasty aloe vera juice. Casita Verde is famous for them!



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