about Manon

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As a freelancer I worked with many different social entrepreneurs and startups in the Netherlands and across the borders. I organize co-creation events for creative problem solving, set up and run crowdfunding campaigns, handle business development, write copy and articles, take care of social media management and PR, and a variety of other work.

And I am currently setting up my own eco active lifestyle brand: Turtles&Trees. Products made of recycled or sustainable materials. With money from sales coming in, we’re investing in land restoration projects.

Facet 5 tells me that I’m a facilitator. An idealist, flexible to adjust to different surroundings and situations, passionate and being all about radical innovation. True. I pretty much reinvent myself every year. And it gives me a thrill helping others to do the same.

Flexibility, something I love as well when it comes to the place I live. For around two years now, I have been living a big part of my time out of a bag. Diving into different communities fuels my inspiration and changing surroundings sparks my creativity.

The only problem i though, that traveling often means polluting. And my passion happens to be fighting for a healthier climate and society. 

So here’s EcoTechNomads. Besides working on businesses and projects that will hopefully make Mother Nature smile, I hope to inspire you to discover a new lifestyle. To not just live impact neutral, but to make a positive one, while enjoying life as a professional wanderer.

With love,

Manon Michelle Monhemius